c** cookies

This one time I was cooking some cookies and I wondered what it would like so I started masterbating while making a batch and I misfired and some c** went in the batch and so I mixed it in and gave it to the nerds at our school and they enjoyed and asked wat was in it but I neva told them

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Wtf y'all are murther f******

  • This is sooooo hottt
    Make me some ;)

  • OMG I GOT MY PERIOD 2DAY!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  • LAME. This is totally made up.

    You don't COOK cookies, you bake them.

    And to "misfire" your c** INTO the batch, you'd either have to be sitting on the counter, or have the bowl of mix sitting on the floor.


  • cookies got him hot... then he jacked off to em...

  • This one time this guy who really wasn't our friend gave us some cookies. I accept that we're nerds and totally uncool, but this guy was lame beyond reason! He BAKES! Cookies! For his non-friends. What a dork! He needs friends. We pretended to eat them.

  • Bullshit post.

  • Your brain misfired.

  • Wow, this is f****** retarded.

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