it sucks

I'm married, and there are two married woman and a guy at my work who have all sucked me off in the back room at work at one time or another in the last 3 months. weird, huh? none of them know that each of the others have done it, which is what makes it interesting.
This could all blow up in my face.

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  • you eat lumpy custard - right?

  • it should. doesn't sound like a confession. more like boasting.

  • How is "and a guy" a typo? A typo is "wpman" That's a typo. not typing a complete phrase and then just realizing it after you've been called a f**.


  • actually i meant to say: these two married women blew me. that part about the guy was a typo

  • you are disguisting. I hope you have the decncy to leave your wife, you f****** f**.

  • You had me up until the "and a guy" part. And this more and likely will blow up in your face. So just be prepared.


  • Don't get blown by guys you f***** h***

  • Have you always been a gay man?

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