Childhood Confessions....years later

Here goes, as a child I:

- was a peeping tom
- blew up/or otherwise destroyed mailboxes (a baseball bat)
- used binoculors to spy on a MOM next door (she was SMOKIN hot) in her bathing suit while beating off...
- vandalized houses (spray paint), Kbarred a girls tent who wouldn't like me back...
- stole frequently
- had a neighbor dude by myself, brother and close friends beer, got slammed in a tent in our own back yard
-placed a railroad tie, directly in front of a speeding train
-shot out car windows with a BB gun (I had a scope) from inside our house (through a window screen, yes the barrel was small and didn't make a huge hole)
- a bunch of teenage girl softball players call a group of us PUDDS for riding our bikes on the street, so we proceeded to F*** up their car (with jet dry first, and then engraved "PUDD" all over their car....oh yeah, and then proceeded to LIE to the police under questioning... we planned our story out well as a group before the police showed up... we lied well, and yes, we got away with it....
-set a HUGE grocery store dumpster on FIRE (used gas so the inferno got going instantly, the local fire department had to put it out.....
-placed prank pizza and taxi orders for neighbors and people we didn't like.....yeah kids, can't do that anymore, with caller ID now...
- at age 16, was drinking, then driving, hit by a semi, AND not only survived, didn't even get scratched...WOW, I was good.
- a friend of mine surfed on the hood of my truck on an expressway going 60 MPH:)) and NO, he didn't fall off and die
- regularly found "peepholes" at campgrounds to look at naked women showering.....THAT WAS FUN....
-my personal favorite, was egging....we egged everything, at all times of the, houses, mobile homes..we even egged cars while driving, and never got caught, probably because we'd catch a busy intersection, launch the egg up in the general direction but high, while turning, SPLAT, the other car had NO clue, hilarious, I tell you.... we laughed for like, ever,
- drilled holes in to the womens bathroom at a ballpark, yes, saw lots of P****......YOUNG P**** in , cheerleaders, the hottest girls in school, at the time...
-held beer parties all in my own parents backyard, while "sleeping" out in a either never suspected, or didn't want to know...
-I once p***** in a mug after an all nighter, told one of the partygoers that if he wanted to get an instant buzz in the morning, to drink warm beer, handing him the mug of p***... He got it half down before he realized...........LOL
-completely F***** up a school bus over the weekend, rendering it inoperable for school on Monday
- my cousin took a s*** on the doorstep of the town geek's house.....(SMELLY)
-routinely call phone s** lines, and then denied it with my parents, they fought the phone company, and WON....:))
- put a condom in mayo, and hung it on the gearshift of the HOTTEST CHICK in town, (she was prob 18-19, petite, blonde with a kick ass bod.....we sat and watched her "carefully" pull the condom off, I am sure, not knowing what she was touching... by the way, she was a tease, and I was her parents paperboy, one day I was collecting, she answered the door, ONLY, in a towel, and invited us in.....she AND her friends, all over 18, while I was lucky to be 13, rubbed their gorgeous naked...............feet...............all over us, I think that was my first ERECTION......
- smashed numerous pumpkins and destroyed alot of christmas lights.....
- at 14 took a rented UHAUL for a joy ride.......
I am sure there's more, but I am tired....but i was a straight A student, and went to college, did good, but I have to admit, I had a fair bit of fun before all the seriousness life requires....

- Amen

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  • Help me with lotteries please then god will forgive you!

  • You know this is life.

    Not gta San Andreas.

  • You're a G dude

  • I guess I wasn't so bad, thanks everyone!

  • Lightweight.

  • Stop bragging you were a typical teenage boy.

  • ^^Whats Karma?? LOL:))

  • man i hope u dnt believe in carma...

  • yeah, this was way too long to read. i just skimmed, but sounds like the makings of a serial rapist or killer to me!

  • LOL I didn't read this crap. Waaay too long!

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