I love just lying next to you, our limbs entwined.
You hate letting me go, and I hate it when you have to.

I get so worried when I have to leave though- I'm scared because you're suicidal. I know nothing can happen when I'm there, but when I'm not...
I just don't know if each time I say goodbye will be the last time I see you. It's killing me.

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  • That sounds like an unstable relationship. Maybe you should leave a loaded gun on the coffee table and move on with your life.

  • The post doesn't mention or imply relationship stability, and suggesting letting the other person kill him/herself is irresponsible and disgusting. The other person just needs to get help, having suicidal thoughts like that is pretty severe depression, which is a medical condition that's plaguing this country like a silent killer.

  • That sounds like an unstable person. Maybe you should suggest he/she talk to a counselor or get on anti-depressants or something.

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