s** will always be a problem for me

my friend raped me on the last day of school at a get together and it was my first time...he doesnt even know what he did was wrong. i feel like it was my fault because i never physically stopped him. the rape just opened the door to stupid sexual encounters and meaningless s** with people i hardly even know. the second time i had s** i did it with some guy i met at the mall behinde a portable at a school. i never talked to him since...and the third time was with an aquataince...who turned into a friend with benefits...we did it 3 times...wen the 4th time came along he forced me to f*** his friend and his brother. i dont talk to him anymore...and the worst part is i was starting to really like him. and i miss him in a way. i feel like i have no self-respect now...no value. i used to be proud of being a virgin...now what do i have to be proud of? im 16 and ive been f***** over by guys so many times...i wish i could just become a lesbian but vaginas look like old men...

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  • Its not rape its s** u hav got alot of c*** for your age keep up good work

  • got AIM ?

  • For all of you people that clearly aren't sensitive, the confessor has had damage done to her by being raped. The most common reaction of that is to become promiscuous to feel as though you're taking control of your own life. If you choose to have s** with them before they force you, then you feel safer. I completely sympathize with the confessor. I can only pray that you will be given the strength to overcome the damage done to you. You are worth more than that even if you don't feel that way. No matter the things you have done, God will always love you just as you are. I don't at all mean to shove religion down your throat, cuz I am not all about that. But I too have been through very similar situations as you and I know that the only way I made it through was to find strength in God...Because I was nothing.

  • Maybe he really likes you but he is really turned on by you f****** other men. Maybe.

  • You were not raped. If he didn't know it was wrong and you didn't stop him, you had consensual s**. Great job trying to ruin the reputation of the guy though...gonna give you great karma.

    You are pathetic and a s***. If you don't want the s**, say no. Seems, though, that you do want it.

  • I'm sure you have better things to do than to have meaningless s** with strangers. Not to say that I don't sympathize with your situation, but if s** was the problem in the first place, why are you going after it as if it were the solution?

  • I don't know I think you are a s*** trying to hide behind rape. You didn't physically fight back against a guy who didn't know what he was doing. Yeah right. If he's that dumb then you could have easily talked him out of it. And nobody forced you to do thier friend and brother. You did it and then felt bad afterwards and used that as an excuse to break if off. Grow up and stop sleeping with every tom d*** and harry.

  • It does seem you accept a obligation to preform s** for... friendship or attention? You need to excel in other ways to garner attention. Study hard, or work hard at sports or develop skills that are usually normal at a age much more than yours? (Like art or music.)

    You are now at a age where that meaningless s** could derail the rest of your life into your mid twenties when your own child finally goes to school and you can continue with yours. Get what I mean?

    I also am puzzled about the s** with the friend and brother... you accepted a threesome but regretted it after? Call that a life lesson and move on. You know more about s** now than a majority of your peers. Read up on s** some more. More of the biology and stuff a lover should know rather than someone you just have s** with. Actually, make that a rule? No s** unless its in a bed?

    Anyways, I hope you don't beat yourself up so much. You are young and are bound to make mistakes of some nature. A classmate may be addicted to stealing and is ashamed of it. Another might be ashamed of substance abuse like alcohol. You have experienced some pretty adult situations and its obviously overwhelmed you. Roll with the punches and today is the first day of the rest of your life.

  • ^Yes, I agree. But, no offense, but how does someone force you to have s** with their friend? Gun to the head? You need to grow up and stop being so dependent on men to make you feel good. If you want sexual satisfaction, buy a vibrator, don't f*** every guy you meet. As for the guy who you miss and want to be with. . .Sorry, but once you are degraded like that by a man, he will never see you as more than an easy lay.

  • To the above commenter you are an idiot.

    Confessor, I am truly sorry. My heart broke reading your story. I would highly recommend you to see a therapist to help you cope. Know this though you always have something to be proud of. You have the rest of your life ahead of you. You are too young to let a few mistakes get you down and it is never to late to stop. I just pray that you can find a resolution. Try hanging out with different people you don't need that stress or aggravation. It is never to late to start over you just have to do it.

  • I am 37, can I have a nice piece of your p****?? I promise, I will make you C** over and over, and you'll be dripping wet baby....

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