Rough S** Fantasies

I confess that despite being in a relationship I really really want my best friend to f*** me like I'm the first piece of ass he's seen in decades! It's wrong I know but so far this is only a fantasy and I intend to keep it that way. But I just really want him to go wild on me, choke me, pin me down, bite me hard, slap me and just not hold back. I love my boyfriend I really do and hopefully this confession can help push the idea out of my mind for good.

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  • Embrace you desire, do it. You may love it and want more or it's out of your system and go on as normal. I have a couple of women I see who love this. I'm a mature single man and both women are married but once a week we meet up for submissive training, we all enjoy it and they fuvk better with their husbands

  • I'm a married woman 50yrs old and have had a fantasy to be dominated. My late husband was lovely and f***** me well but I aways wanted that little extra. I'm chubby and busty 42gg and from Dudley UK. If you are in the UK would you take me in hand. I will submit to you. I'm experienced and had 20 lovers before my husband but I need bdms to for fill my sexual desires sexual. I beg for your help, I don't know how to find someone like you xxxx

  • Well in Walsall and I love mature fat slags like you. I'm meeting one of my trainees today and you are welcome to join us. I like that you are an experienced s*** and will submit to me. There will be three of us and you will be expected to have lesbian s** with my trainee and I will f*** you and spank you.
    We will be in Weatherspoons at 1pm if you are Ok with being in a 3sm. I will have a rose on my jacket lapel

  • I will be there, wet and ready and yes I want lesbian s** and a good f****** and spanking. Thank you for accepting me as a fat s***

  • The other can't make it, her husband is of work. So its just the two of us. Wear stockings and suspenders

  • I will

  • Oh Mark, thank you my nipples, t***, c*** a*** are all very sore, my knickers are full of s****. Thank you and please call me

  • I can be ur best friend

  • If you break up, call me!

  • I think you need a s***** to be your bf.

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