L****** for my best friend

I'm a 52 year old man and ive been with my girlfriend for 9 years, but I'm secretly l****** for my best friend dave. every time I m********* it is to thoughts of sucking his big beautiful c***, which I have seen once during a strip poker game. I cant stop thinking about him and masturbating to him and have even thought about telling him. recently I was at his house and was in his bathroom and noticed the clothes hamper and looked inside to find a pair of his dirty underwear, oh god the smell was other worldly!! I stole them and raced home where I sniffed and chewed on them while I masturbated and had the most intense o***** of my life!! now I just keep going back to his house and trading my last pair for his latest!! I love it when its hot outside and hes been working all day and comes home to shower, I make sure I get over there as fast as possible so I can get them while they are ripe and sweaty! I love rubbing them all over my face and c*** and c****** all over them! now lately ive been sneaking out to public restrooms and sucking off as much strange c*** as I can find! mmmm!!!

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