I f***** my elder sister when she was 28and I was 26

One summer after noon I arrived at my family house the outer gate was open I just pushed it and it was wide . then I headed towards the house door, for my surprise it was also open, so I entered the house . no one seemed there,it was living room, for an urgent need for pee I pushed the door for the wash room and there I saw my elder sister stark naked under the shower. I tried to move back in shock! but to my surprise I had lost the hold of my self!kept watching my naked beauty of 28 year old real sister!she was enjoying shower and not aware of any thing.I was numb founded just watching her voluptuous naked body.her p**** was covered with thick hair.I was totally hypnotized just watching her!then she saw me standing over there watching her naked. she tried to hide her self with a towel, but her b**** were so healthy not able to hide under that towel and p**** was also totally exposed to me.not a single word was out from her lips! I could not believe my self heading towards her, in moments I was holding her face in my hands, my lips were locked with that of hers! she tried to push me away but it seemed she didn't want me push back just submissive effort and then to my surprise she was kissing me back! her tongue got the way in my mouth! damn we both were kissing the h*** hot! next 5 to 7 minutes we kissed ,caressed hugged each other no one knew what was going on? It seemed we both lost the hold of our selves! then I found my self making her rest on the floor got my position among her thighs not a word was spoken by her it was just a trance! her legs moved towards my shoulders! oh the softness of the flesh she had put on my shoulders! I could not believe! was it me on my real elder sister! my c*** was throbbing like h***! all of a sudden it got its full way down her slippery warm tight p****, it clenched over my pulsating c*** oh s***! ah the f***! I just made 10 to 12 pushes and it spurted out! it was like an endless flow of c** spurt after spurt! she got a strong hold on my butts, I even couldn't move any more! and then she pulled me over her .she got my lips in her bites! then after 5 or some minutes with out any word spoken, I hardly got up took my clothes on and hurried out of the house knowing not what to say or what to do! I had come back to my senses, felt too guilty at f****** my real sister. that evening around 9 p.m. I phone called her to ask a sorry for my evil! she received with a happy voice! laughed at my guilt and wanted me back home at once! our parents were away for some business tour. I reached home .she received warmly and then we talked about what had happened among us that after noon. she was looking at me like we were lovers since long! we took dinner and then that night we f***** again more than 3 hours! it was the most un believable night for both of us. now time has passed quickly and we are 46 and 44 but when ever we get a chance at our family house at some weekends, we enjoy our secret relation in tremendous ways! we both are married with our spouses now, but the joy of f*** we got from each other is more than any thing on earth!


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  • Wow u got to be sexy teaser

  • There's nothing good about incest. Get psychiatric help and stop doing these kinds of things.

  • O shut up anything that relives a throbing c*** r itchy p**** is good

  • I believe in the story because I myself almost f***** my real sister when I was eighteen and my sister was thirteen. I used to finger her regularly and she never objected. Then I started flashing my hard d*** to her even then she never objected. Then I started rubbing my hard d*** on her arms and body. We both were not experienced so things were going slow. Then suddenly my married cousin came to stay with us for about a year. She was hotter and sexier then my sister. My cousin also took intrest in me and I started ignoring my sister. After some time my cousin hooked me in making me her boyfriend. She took my cherry also. Now I am sixty and we still f***. She is now grandma and loves me to no end. She is always asking to come and bang her. Being family it is normal for us to meet and in the night I sleep with her and f*** her to her satisfaction. She loves to talk about our old days especially when she took my virginity. She enjoys the fact that she was the one who took my virginity and taught me how to f*** woman.

  • I f*** my cousin I was 20& she was 12 she love getting f*** every day she was amazing

  • Wow that nice an good going

  • This story is as foney as a 7 dollar bill! Nasty!

  • Hi I fick my sister too

  • Up I f***** my daughter

  • It's a great story but I'm thinking that perhaps it is nothing more than that, a great story. But I suppose that it could be true, possible, yes. Who knows? Enjoyable read though!

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