Still on my sexy wife

Really, my wife was so released during intercourse and she seems to be more into it now. She is more open with me. She woke up earlier today to read her bible; the New one she received and I was amazed that she read the very scripture the preacher read where he talked about "godly offspring". I pretended as if I was sleeping and I could hear her prayers asking Jesus to give her twin boys and to help her love me more than I do . . . then she went ahead to fix my breakfast and come to wake me up with a passionate kiss while rubbing her big b**** on my chest . . . I allowed it to prolong still feigning sleep; "wow!" This is a brand new wife I have now . . . and a brand new s** life. Folks, I never knew that Jesus can give one a new marital life, s** life and many more in one!

While taking my bath this morning with her, I kept wondering; isn't this the same lady that woke up 4 am billowing smoke like a chimney? How come she did not smoke this morning; can't remember the preacher saying anything about smoking but I think she does not want anything to harm her expected twin boys. Hahahahaha; Really? I am still amused and watching this sweet new side of hers.

Guys, I'm still basking in the euphoria of my brand new s** life with my brand new wife! Really, she is brand new. A wall of separation seems to have crashed between us. Yesternight was awesome.


So yesterday we went together to our neighborhood church. She dressed "to kill"; mini skirt, body hugging top ()well this is one area I don't bother to "change her"; met her that way.. So when she moved, her body moved; both front and back. She however had a copy of the New Testament she was given the last time so we read from it.

Then the message: they read from the Old Testament; Malachi chapter two (so we just listened to this one):

Has not the one God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful to the wife of your youth.

What, why is God not telling my sexy sweet wife to be faithful to me? I'd thought.

Well as usual, I won't bother you guys with the details of the message. But I was rather impressed today that the preacher also told my wife to love me and htat's the one we read from the New Testament;

Ephesians five: 21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

NO one ever told me that submission in marriage is mutual. I have always heard Christians men quote only the part where women should submit to their husbands. My wife too was impressed to know this.

As for her attires and the noise making heels, her swinging hips and bouncing b****, no one disturbed her. But she sure turned heads. On our exit, the same middle aged lady that gave her a dress the last time hugged her and gave her a shopping bag. My wife's jaw dropped when she looked into it when we were seated inside the car; beautiful attires; jean pants, dresses, skirts, nice tops etc. For the first time, I saw tears in the eyes of my sexy wife -I know they were tears of joy; she felt loved.

And as soon as we entered the house, my sexy wife told me the news that both shocked and thrilled me. It was time for my own jaw to drop. She kissed me and whispered in my ears; 'I am ready . . . I want to have godly offspring".

You see, for the five years we've been married, I'd pleaded with her to have just a child. She had insisted that she "isn't ready yet". and during her ovulation week (which she knows like the ticking clock for she has a regular period) I had to war a condom. She had threatened me before that she will 'yank off any baby if I play pranks". The thought of my own baby being aborted was real and I never "played pranks". So you understand how elated I was to hear that I don't need the condoms again. She had trashed them already.
So, tonight; no as soon as she finishes trying out her clothes before the mirror, I hope to begin my duty of . . . yes "pounding without condoms". Thank you Jesus , can't wait to carry my babies!

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