Clamp the g****** thing

I had a friend who was afflicted with renal failure and he was forced to dialyse. This horrible procedure often caused friction between him and his mother. One of the procedures involved a clamp which regulated the blood going from the dialysis machine back to his body.

She didn't always do it right and he would scream in pain and I guess fear and hed yell out. CLAMP THE G****** THING.

Despite this he was able to earn a Masters degree in Actuary science and this revealed him to be brilliant. he was able to marry a nice lady.

After he received a kidney transplant the doctors had him on so much anti rejection medicine that he got an infection and died.

He was my best friend.

I have mixed feelings. On one hand my friend died but on the other hes no longer suffering.

He's been gone since 1996 but I think of him often.

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  • Keep your friend alive in your memory - good friends are hard to come by. Thank God that he blessed you with such a wonderful friend!

  • Sorry to hear about this still-aching loss. I think it must be incredibly hard to reconcile the occurrences with what might have been done to save him, and to have given him a better and longer life. It probably still feels like it just happened last week. I wish you well.

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