Small P**** and Virgin

I am 24 and have a really small p**** (3" when excited). I have really low self-confidence about myself because of it and has caused me never to be able to be with a woman yet. It also probably caused me to be a real j*** in high school and even college to be mean to the so-called nerdier guys in school as I was a so-called jock. I always did my best to hide it in the locker rooms. I want so badly to be with a woman but can't muster enough courage. All I do now is watch a lot of p***.

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  • i am also having the same problem because of masterbating last fifteen year.

  • I have the same problem..... 3 1/2 inchs

  • I dont what can i do

  • As a woman, let me assure you that p**** size is not NEARLY as big a deal as a lot of guys think, at least not for women. Most women can't get off through vaginal intercourse anyway, so having smallish junk shouldn't make a huge difference. In fact, in many ways, it's an advantage.

    It's easier to give a b******* to a guy with a smaller d*** without gagging, for one. :D

    Another thing that's great about guys with smaller junk is that they tend to make more of an effort in pleasing their partners. Guys with huge c**** often get overconfident and think, "Oh, I've got a huge c*** and that's gonna give her crazy pleasure!" No. It almost never works that way. Most women need direct, intense stimulation on other parts of their body (especially the c*******) in order to get off, and guys with small d****, because they aren't unrealistically confident about their ability to please, are often better lovers because they're not afraid to try oral and toys and all sorts of things.

    Believe me, anything you may lack in the junk department is easily compensated for and then some. Don't bother with any of that "male enhancement" bullshit.

    Dan Savage talked about this issue in a video that I'll post a link to below. Don't worry. It's not very long.

  • Damn! It didn't post as a link. Just copy and paste the url.

  • Stick to the p***
    m8 dnt wrry size isnt everything...
    Are you asian? Oriental to be more specific...

  • Are you asian? Oriental to be more specific...

  • That's true I might look into enhancements or make up for it really good.

  • eeeeeeek, bad luck love. your just gonna have to make sure your perfect in every other way to make up for it.

  • Look into male enhancement. You are the perfect posterboy.

  • m8 dnt wrry size isnt everything...

  • Check your span folder. I'm sure you can find something in there to help you out.

  • LOL Damn, I feel sorry for you! I am sure you can find a woman who won't mind your small p****. H***, there is one on here who would love it. Make sure you perfect your tongue game also.

  • Stick to the p***

  • I want to

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