P**** size

I'm a virgin at 21 and i'm scared that if i ever get a girl my p**** would be to small, and i want to find a girl to f*** just to see if my c*** is good or not. I think and ugly girl would have s** with me I don't know what to do should i get my c*** size out there, or wait to try to f*** a good looking girl and let it get out that way that may never happen.

Jul 8, 2010


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  • your a virgin?, You got a hymen??

  • What the h***? Do you post a minimum of like 5 a day? Get a life!

  • or the other option - staying a virgin until u meet the one or at least meet someone that u have meaningful relationship with and trust. don't waste ur virginity like i did. u can loose it, but u can never regain it. and if u loose it to someone u dont know or love - ur more likely to w**** around. now who wants a sleeze?

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