p**** size

I actually decide to measure my p**** instead of guessing the size and it ended up being, 6 inches aroud, 9 inches long. I don't know if that is big.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Well.. I'm an 18 year old girl. And IF this were true (which I doubt) I would NEVER have s** with you.. neither would any of my friends. We prefer a bit smaller and thick. My boyfriendperson's d*** is almost.. 7.. like 6.5 .. and thick.. and just that hurts like a Mother.. so I prefer like 5 or 6. Anyways! Advice : saying your d*** is huge.. isn't really that great.

  • Interesting a Donkey that can write, hahahahahahaha loser!!!

  • Hahahaha, I like how they make up all these crazy numbers for the size of their p****, then say, "I don't know if this is normal." Of course its not normal you skeeze! You just made it up to make you sound like you are hung like an Elephant! Your d*** is probably incredibly small for you to have to make up such things. Get a life fagbag.

  • what a tiny d*** brain


  • 6 what?? Centimeters?? HAHA... Get a clue butt munch...

  • six inches around? damn, s** is NOT for you. that is way too thick for a v*****.

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