So there is a woman on here who loves to make men feel insecure about their p**** size when they share it...she says things like "There's some crazy woman on here who would love a small d***...work on your tongue skills though."

I imagine this woman must be reeeaall lonely. She is probably insecure in her body too, as her t*** may be small, her butt flat, and her abs resembling jelly rolls.

She has so much time to peruse this site instead of be with men that she needs to anonymously make them feel insecure. Poor woman. She's the one who needs the help, or pep talk. She needs to get a lfie.

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  • I think we got off the subject.

  • How do you know I'm crazy? I'm the 'crazy b****' who wants a regular-sized p****. Why else am I crazy besides for being accepting of what God's given most men? Why would I want to bring down a man's self-esteem over something that he cannot control? You seem very wrapped up in this issue, which makes me wonder if you maybe have become insecure in your body because of things that men have said in the past. Or even your mother. God knows that my mother tried to keep me on diets and teach me to get everything I want from men, but s***! You don't see me acting like you (although my older sister does).

  • The type of people who go on these sites and insult people are the same kind of people who routinely get insulted, or insult themselves. I should know. I am one of those types of people.

    It is obvious you are too.

  • ^LOL Wow! That is why I am trying to tell this person to not come to the site if he can't handle the rude comments people dish out. I do sit at a desk all day with nothing to do, so that is why I can respond so fast. Bet you won't find me on here if it is not 8-5 m-f. But hey, whatever! You are entitled to your own opinions and judgements on me. Unlike the crazy guy who posted this confession, I really don't care what all of you think of me! To me, you peole aren't even real! I was honestly trying to be helpful by telling this guy that he would definitly find a woman who wouldn't care about his size. LOL I love how you brought my husband into this, was your intention to hurt my feelings? Possibly make me suspicious? Or are you just trying to damage my self confidence, as I have yours? Oh, and btw, I didn't mean that sentence as you have it written. I was specifically talking about that one crazy b**** who always posts the same confession about wanting a smaller p****. . .that b**** IS crazy, not just because she wants a small one though. Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings, and sorry, but you will not be able to hurt mine. Have a nice day!

  • quick response fatso. what a life you have!! so you spend every day on here do ya? are you a housewife, or do you just d*** around at work?

    you said that 'some crazy b**** actually wants a small d***.'

    your husband cheats on you with his big c***, honey. that's why you're on this site. you want to see people with larger problems than yours...but you can't run away from yourself, fat ass!

    or are you really a dude with a real tiny d***?

  • Oh, and BTW, working on your tongue skills is sound advice, and I was not the only one who said that.

  • I have a feeling you are talking about me. Not that I have to explain myself to you, but actually I do have a husband (with a big d***), and I am not ugly or fat. I meant no harm to you, actually I was trying to be helpful! I never said a "crazy woman" I just said some woman would appreciate it. If you are confessing on this site saying you have small p****, you are ALREADY insecure, I didn't do that! Besides, it is a f****** anonymous confession site, and most people on here are extremely rude, so if you trip out that much over a stupid comment, maybe you shouldn't be on here in the first place! So, sorry if I hurt your feelings, I honestly didn't mean to. However, I do think you meant to hurt mine, and just so you know, I actually feel kinda special that someine dedicated their confession to me! Damn, I must be really important. Good luck with your endowment as well! Have a nice day!

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