simmer down.

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  • sorry?

  • no your moma needs to simmer down!!!!

  • You got that right, Mister! Why, back in my day, we all knew what the back of the woodshed looked like! None of this back-talkin' and up-startin' for us. Always finished all our chores too. By gum! There was nothin' worse than all the guys goin' down to the creek and havin' to finish whitewashin' the outhouse.

    I tell ya, those were the days!

  • I hear ya, them young uns just don't know how to keep a lid on it. Tarnation, I swear in my day we'd take a strap to 'em, nowadays they just git so fired up an' full o vinegar, what's a body to do? Land sakes.

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