I suck

I cheated on my boyfriend while I was drunk. And then created a really, really bad lie when I went to his place later that night that I was assaulted and now he is super cautious around me to make sure I am comfortable and I know I am a complete scumbag but I love him and don't know what to do because every girlfriend he has had has cheated on him. And I haven't been able to tell anyone but I don't know what to do. He doesn't deserve this.

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  • If you can't live with having cheated on your boyfriend, move on and let him find a partner who will not be deceitful to him. As for yourself, try working on your drinking and morals.

  • Keep it to yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, so don't mess up a good thing. Just don't do it again!

  • Do yourself and him a favor and dont say anuthing. Sounds like he does not know how to f***. Its the main reason why girls cheat.

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