Rough s**

So I always have those weird thoughts and imagines where my boyfriend or someone stranger and I have some really rough s**..I even fantasize of getting raped and somehow I love it but also hate it at the same time..I mean getting raped by my when we fight or when he's drunk I want him to pull my hair,hit me,kiss me in a wild and angry way,make me cry and beg him to leave me and then f*** me as hard as possible making me not being able to walk..then make me suck his d*** while he is pulling my hair and then j** in my face...I'm kinda embarrassed about that..

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  • Mmmmmm

  • No embarrassment. I've been messing around with my older sister for years, and, we've done the same, very physical, rough, yank her down by the hair, hold her against a door or countertop, even tackle her in her own hallway, having my rough way with her. Told me to surprise her one time, as in...Sneak attack her, as thought it would be fun.

    I went to her apartment before she got home from a part-time waitress job (I had a key), and waited in her small laundry room. Soon as she got home and headed for her bedroom to change for a shower, I jumped her in the hallway, unzipping the uniform so hard I broke the zipper and tore the bottom. Held her down, arms above her head, as she tried to wiggle out. Much stronger than her, I wasn't letting that happen, so, I granted her wish and had at her on the hallway floor, occasionally tugging her hair for effect.

    When I finished, I could see her wrists were very red from being held against the carpeting, and she'd managed, to my pleasure, to draw blood on my hands from digging her nails in so hard.

    After we showered up and she calmed down, my hot sister admitted..THAT was what I was talking about.. Nice job.

  • Sounds good to me, I'm a bi. Mature woman id love to push your face in to my plump juicy c*** and c** all over your face and then spank you a***

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