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Two months ago I went to a club I belong to just to get away for the day.
I met Jason a dark Hispanic and we kinda hit it off and we sat around sipping our drinks and he started running his hand along my thigh and god it felt so good having a guy pay attention to me so I didn't object. After a bit he said let's step outside and get some fresh air and I followed him.
I am 26 in great shape , married for the past 3 years, happy for the most part yes but my s** life is almost non existent, My husband Tim is to busy with work and don't really get my advances towards him.
Jason and walked around and when we got down by the river we sat upon the bench and was just talking and he got up and got behind me and started in rubbing my shoulders, god it felt so good my head fell back a bit and I noticed my breathing became heavy as Jason's hands slipped beneath my sweater and started to caress my b****** and pinch my nipples which sprang to life getting rock hard. I wasn't wearing a bra and he became total interested in them. Kissing my neck and gliding his hands even lower running his fingers across my belly and abdomen up across my b****** again and again, at that point he had me and he could do anything to me he wanted, I felt like 16 again and my whole body was on sexual fire. I told him to stop and he wouldn't so I got up turned around and starring me in my face was this massive hard c***, I couldn't help myself I took hold of him and slid my mouth over the head of his c*** and began to give him a good BJ. I tried to deep him a few times but gagged for he was so thick and long but I was determined. He pulled my sweater up and off of me and came around to my side of the bench and removed all of my clothes stepping out of his sweats he knelt between my legs and began eating me out as I held the back of his head, I started in c****** on his mouth after the third time he got up raised my hips towards his and rubbed the head of his c*** against my puss, slowly entering me going deeper and deeper till he had all 9 inches of him in me and he just held still and I couldn't take it I started to buck against him then he started in f****** me to my tempo, wasn't long till he said he was about to c** and I said IN ME almost screaming and having hold of my hips he pulled me tight against him as I felt his c** shoot into me time and time again, but he continued to f*** me and no sign of him going soft. His c** started to dribble out of me running down the crack of my ass and he asked if I like a*** I didn't say anything and he pulled out of my puss and rubbed the head of his c*** against my a*** and started pushing himself into me, Relax he said as he pushed even more of himself into me wasn't long till he had himself buried in my ass and slowly started in f****** me there. (My secret I love a***), but it has been years since my last time, Tim wont.
Oh god Jason f*** meeeee I said and boy did he Gog he went wild and I started in c****** on his c*** analy. After the 4th o***** Jason said I GOTTA, I gotta and I knew what he meant as he held himself deep in my ass and my ass felt like it was on fire. God baby you got the greatest ass as he held himself deep into me, ohh I want you so much again and again, but later. For now I need to catch my breath.
That was our first meeting, since then GOD thirty times don't know really.
Jason showed up ringing our door bell and Tim opened the door and there he was asking if he had any odd jobs around the house he'd work for $5.00 a hour. Tim hired Jason to do the yard work for he had no time for it, Tim left for work about a hour later, 20 minutes later I took Jason out a cold beer and we talked a bit and I asked him how he found out where I lived he asked around and a guy at the club told him. He also told me not today hun for he had to make a good showing on getting things done Tim hired me for the week so I'll be here all week. A very big smile formed on my lips and his. For the next 5 days it was a f*** fest even in our back yard.
Tim was so impressed on how good the yard looked and the flower beds he hired Jason to keep the yard looking that good and he now comes over every Mon., Wed, and Friday and it isn't only the yard that gets taken care of.

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