S** with a other

There's a guy that lives across the street from me and we get together almost every other day for several hours at his place. It all started one day when I walked to get my mail, our drive way is over a quarter mile long and you can't see our house from the road nor his. He came up behind me startled the h*** out of me and when I turned around I fell into his arms, he held me close to him and he gave me the first of many kisses, I tried to push away from him telling him I can't but he payed no attention to me, but his kisses on my neck and lips got to me and I melted in his arms. Yes he f***** me right at our mail boxes for any one to see if they came by, but no one did thank god. The next week he met me at the mail boxes three times each time he had his way with me and I let him. The first time I fought him but when he got his c*** into me I knew I wanted him as much or more than he did me. I am 24 years old and in damn good shape being I never have had a child yet, he's 42 and a logger by trade so he's quite masculine and built like a brick s*** house with a bigger than average c*** and damn big b****. My husband is smaller than average and don't want to have s** with me that often and one day I got mad at him for not wanting to please me and I told him I was going to find someone that made me feel good and he told me to go ahead as long as I didn't bring them home with me and I'm not Yesterday Tim took my virgin ass, god I thought I was going to die to start with. Today I am sore but I want it again and again, I loved it and found I have just as good if not better o****** analy
Now when I go to my mail box I dress the way he wants me. Short skirt no bra or panties, just be ready for him to fill my holes with his c** He calls me his Daisy Mae and wants me to dress like her so I do, I even let my ass length blond hair down for him, if he asked me to meet him nude I would but I'm not telling him that. Do IU love him? No but I do love his c*** and it flatters me that he pays so much attention to me.
After he left me yesterday I was hanging onto the mail boxes and a guy pulled up asking me if I was alright and I said just a bit weak and rubbery legs and he offered to drive me home which I accepted. We couldn't have gone 100 feet and he made a pass at me saying I looked like a million and I said thanks and his hand went right to my thigh and began to slide it higher and higher and as he stopped the car he found what he wanted my bare p**** and he went wild. I didn't want to but I did I spread my legs for him and he began to finger f*** me wildly. He asked if anyone was home and I should have said yes but I told him no and he wanted to know if he could come inside and finish what he started and I said to him I'd be disappointed if you didn't and I thought he burned rubber all the way to the house. We went inside and I no sooner closed the door and he started in undressing me and when he found I was naked beneath my skirt and blouse he just said wow and began exploring my whole body. His touches was turning me on like all get out and what he did to my nipples with his mouth and toung really I mean really got to me and I began squirming. then he started in eating me out and I squirted, I couldn't control it I went crazy with him eating me the way he was, then I felt the head of his c*** at my puss and he shoved it in like he hasn't had any for a year or so and he went crazy f****** me, so fast so deep and I couldn't keep up with his so I raised my hips and let him f*** me the way he wanted. He no sooner pulled from me and the first squirt of c** hit my chin and another on my b****** and further down my belly and I began to smear it around on me and he said ah you love it huh and I said yes but you could have c** in me and he said next time I will. He reentered me and began to f*** me slow and deep and there was no signs of him getting any softer, think he was actually a bit harder but he f***** me like a wild man, he kept sucking my nipples and they were standing out like little fingers wanting more and more and he was giving it to me, I must have had 10 o****** with him and I was exhausted but he still kept f****** me for what seemed like a hour then he4 just collapsed upon me muttering to himself I can't, I can't no more but god you feel so damn good I can't stop, you know how good that made me feel and I wrapped my legs around hi holding him in me. We both fell asleep me waking just in time to get cleaned up before hubby got home. I had a hard time walking and he kept looking at me weird and finally7 he asked me what I did today and I told him I went for a 5 mile walk and my legs are a bit sore. Guess he accepted that answer for he never questioned me again.

Jan 19, 2016

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