A*** in a rest room

Last night I had to take a crap so I used the men's rest room at Home Depot here in the neighboring town. I did my thing turned flushed it down and I started to pull up my sweats and a hand grabbed my ass and the guy said "Man you got a nice ass" and began to squeeze my cheeks, I turned to see who was doing it and here stood a big Hispanic guy and he took hold of my ass with both hands pulling me towards him he pressed his lips on mine as he started in feeling my ass deeper and deeper. I had a guy many years ago and this guy half my age was turning me on and I kissed him back his fingers went deeper and he asked me " you like a***" I answered yesssss yes he had me so aroused I couldn't think straight let alone talk. He turned me around let my sweats fall and pushed me over and he started in rubbing the head of his c***, not really thick but more than average in length and between spit and his pre c** he pushed the head of his c*** into me and held himself there before4 he started in pushing more and more into me. It wasn't long till he was f****** me pushing his c*** deep into me and I was pushing back against him hard and before long he filled my ass with his c** and I let out a sigh feeling a bit disappointed for it didn't last as long as I would like for it to have. Slowly he pulled from me asked me if I'd like to get together again and I said yes and he handed me a card. Well it turned out he's a lawn care guy that has been doing lawn's here in the mobile home park so I will be calling him. I kept his c** in me for the whole night.

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  • Everyone and me would be delighted and blahhed out to win millions in lotteries. more then a revenge but a ritual to love of god to live well.

  • I get h**** every time I read this. Very sexy.

  • Makes me want to go to Home Depot. Right now.

  • ......same here...my ass is aching for this kind of action...............

  • Are you a guy or a girl.........?

  • This is one of the sexiest things I ever heard of happening! I am so totally totally totally jealous!

  • I love the way you talk about keeping his c** inside you all night. It's like his huge load was a precious treasure for you. So lovely.

  • To me it is a precious treasure.

  • Are you male or female?

  • Male

  • You let a total stranger bareback you? In a public toilet? Are you insane?

  • This is an amazing story! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Although feminists tell us that women get freaked out by this kind of approach? Maybe I'm missing something?

  • I've heard of getting lucky, but Jesus! You REALLY got lucky! I hope you keep seeing this guy and that the two of you keep loving each other this way! It's just so perfect!!!!

  • Totally wonderful.

  • So hot. So m************ hot. Damn!!!

  • Similar for me. Was in a grocery and went into the men's. Finished up at the urinal and went to the sink to wash, and as I turned to go, standing in one of the stalls was a black guy with his d*** out. Biggest thing I'd ever seen. He smiled and asked if I wanted some. I said "How could I not?" and got on my knees and sucked him till he nutted. Stroked him hard again and then bent over the toilet and took a pounding from him up my ass till he blew a huge load up into my f****** intestines. He never got all his meat in me but he wore my ass out. Gave him my number but he never called. I go back to the store and the restroom at least once a week but haven't seen him. Your lucky. Keep in touch with your man. He's all man and those are rare. Give him everything he wants. Give him your life.

  • Please let us know what happens the next time you meet up with him. Please! Please?

  • You have a real gift for writing. Seriously. When you wrote what he did and how it made you feel, I could actually feel it happening inside my own body. And OMMFG what a hot piece of ass you are! I wish I could meet you and date you and even live with you. And I would never stand in the way of your going out and having other men. As many and as often as you ever wanted. You are amazing! And thank you for sharing your experience here.

  • God what a beautiful story. I love what the two of you did for each other.

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