A*** s**

When I was in the US Navy back in 1987 after boot I was stationed aboard a supply ship and everything was fine for the first year. I kept to myself and did what I was told by my superiors. Never got into trouble or even late returning from a liberty.
On the ship everyone would shower in the same room but there was partitions so you had a bit of privacy, but when you came out of the shower all could see you if they wanted to. One day after working I showered to go on liberty fort the night and I notice this guy a Hispanic staring at me as I walked by, I didn't think much of it till I walked by him and he put his hand on my ass and gave me a squeeze and said "Man you got a cute ass" I just looked at him a bit weird and went to a open sink to shave.
He came up behind me and stood there and pressed himself against my ass as he took hold of my hips and pulled himself tight against me and I could feel his c*** and it was hard.. I said common guy you can't here figuring he would leave me alone.
Two night later I had mid watch( 8 to midnight) and I was on my rounds taking readings and he met me up in the forecastle and he went right after me, He ended up f****** me for a good 20 minutes before he filled my ass with his c** and sucked me off. Ever since that night he has found out my schedule and every time I have a mid or Graveyard shift he has been f****** me. I now love his c*** and I am his to do with what he wants. He has even shared me with three of his buddies Hispanics five times and all of them came in my ass I meet one of them secretly for he has a good 10" thick c*** and I love the amount of c** that he fills me with.20 more minutes and I am his.

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  • This is bullshit, the middle watch is midnight till 4am.
    His 8 till midnight watch is called the first.

    He's just a faggy troll trying to undermine the military.

    Dint worry tho,he'll get karma in the form of aids one day👍

  • This is why gays should. Or be allowed In our military. This is deviant and sick. Our naval ships have turned into the blue oyster club instead of doing your jobs, your s*******. Your fault if something happens while you losers are off s*******.

  • Bla bla

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