Remember the sexy wife with bouncing b**** in the church?

Yes, we are back again today. It's been more than a month since that first visit and more than three weeks since what I consider "my brand new wife". "Brand New?" Yes, brand new and I mean every word of it. I deliberately skipped a Sunday to help the naysayers; those who wrote that "she will revert, enjoy it while it lasts" and so on.
Update; to help the naysayers still and probably those reading for the first time:

1. She has always woken up 4 am prompt; but no longer to billow like chimney but to pray and read the gospels on her ipad. This is the most astonishing thing I've ever seen from this lady I've been married to for five years and know for longer than that. There is no tobacco addiction therapy she hadn't taken to no avail.

2. She hasn't used a cuss word or nagged since then; kind of odd too. I had always known her as an f-person. I do not complain though; except that the nagging sometimes p***** me off. Again, I never heard anyone preach against that since that first appearance in the church.
3. I noticed a change in her dressing (again no one ever preached against that). She now bares less cleavage; her trademark prior.

4. And yes, the one I enjoy most; She also wakes me up with her big b**** bouncing on my chest for "the real deal" as soon as she is through with her prayer routine. The quality of our lovemaking has been superb. Of course no condoms since then. She now wants to have our babies (twins she says). She likes it deep and sustained. No longer the stereotypical condom-s** we used to have. Well, her period is supposed to start yesterday (well usually plus or minus two days but never more than that). Just watching.

5. No more hate. She soon afterwards made up with a high school friend whom she had fallen out with because of a debt. Of course that debt was never paid in spite of the acrimony; the lady lost her job. The lady could not believe it when she told her to "forget the debt". This is the same debt I had asked her to forget and chill instead of scattering a blossoming friendship; but she never listened to me.

6. Nothing comes between her and attending the church. We were there again today.

Really, I've never ceased to ask myself; "am I watching a movie?" Is this what Christ can do in someone's life?

Yes we are back from the Church today again. She wore one of the collection of clothes that lady gave her then. It was kind of close-fitting and knee length pink dress but no matter how well covered those b**** are, you can't take your eyes off them. Her best part of the service was the music. Let's leave what was preached for another day. She is here behind me in her lingerie rubbing her chest on my back. Can't seem to concentrate anymore. I know what she wants..............



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  • Good progress. Congratulations and thanks for the update

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