Saw him in the act!

Every week, is the same, my husband, stays at home from work on Saturdays, and I visit family.
One Saturday 4 weeks ago, I arrived home early, in order to suprise my husband, to the fact that the kids where staying at nan's. When I crept in, noises, or panting as I heard it, imitated from the living room, I sneaked a peak, and saw my, (so I thought straight) husband devouring another mans c***.
Shock, and excitement, grew inside me, I know other wives would be repulsed, but, for whatever reason however, I was not, I could feel my c*** swell, at the sight of this, and began masturbating, very hard, I came almost instantly as I watched this guys load fill my husbands mouth. Afterward, I left quickly, very aroused, and pretended I hadn't seen anything.
I waited for the following Saturday, and as before crept in, sneaked a peak, and witnessed the same, this happend three Saturday's in a row, my whole body shook with pleasure, at the near thought of my husband tasting c*** & c**. On the forth Saturday, following the same patten, I again sneaked a peak, only this time it was a whole new shock, as my husband was having his ass pounded, and groaning with deep excitement, not only that, but he was dressed as a woman, a wig, lipstick, blusher, fake eyelashes, fake nails, stockings & suspenders, and black high heels, none of which i owned.
My masturbation sessions was fast, furious and doubly exciting.
That night, my husband was asleep when I got home, (with no kids), I decided to drink a bottle of wine before joining him, when I finally did however, I noticed, he hadn't completely removed the lip liner he had previously applied. Again I masturbated next to him. As the bed sheets dampend, he stirred, slowly opend his eyes, and looks at me, where I blurt out, "are you wearing lipstick", he replied, nervously, "yeah, I'm sorry, I need to tell you something", he went on to explain, he wears women's clothes to feel like someone else, now and again, (not mentioning the gay s**, with the handsome stranger) as my excitement grew, I told him, for me to accept it, I would have to see it, all of it!
To my delight, he reluctantly agreed, and went to the cupboard, then bathroom, after around 40 minutes, he returned. I had never seen such a beautiful woman in all my life, blonde hair, perfect make up, a black dress, with back lipstick, black nails, and high heels, she, (he) really was stunning, we f***** the night away, him still dressed, I orgasmed several times, before falling asleep with her (his) makeup, wig and underwear still on.

I don't care what anyone says, it's an experience like no other, and I now live for alone time with Felicity (my name I have given my husband)

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  • Have a 3sm with the bloke you saw f****** him

  • Have a 3sm with the bloke who you saw f****** him

  • Well id love to f*** Felicity as you watch and then f*** you

  • Or do you want me to f*** you 1st and he licks you c*** as I f*** him

  • Do you want me to join you?

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