The death of an industry

Between 1977 and 1987 I worked for a Tariff bureau. The company had began publishing Tariffs for customers of trucking companys since 1935. Many people had worked in this capacity until they retired. We provided a catalog like Tariff which we sold to Trucking firms and their customers.

These Tariffs told people which truck would carry what to where. It would tell customers with a small amount of produce to ship which truck had a lest than truckload taking their wares to where they wanted it to go.

Ok in 1985 this service was made illegal because the government didn't like various trucking companys to get together ands set the prices and agree on who took what where and for how much.

Overnight over one hundred people were out of work. Many of these people had never done anything else for a living. The people had been hard working,dedicate employees.

Overnight they were collecting unemployment checks and on the street looking for work.

I personally was one of the more fortunant ones because I soon found work in a Insurance company warehouse. I was also mailroom and supply manager. I was able to retire in 2010. I was lucky like I said.

After the company was unable to continue publishing tariffs many trucking companys went out of business as they relied on the Tariffs to advertise their services. Thousands of other people working for these companys were out of work also.

I have this to say. To H*** with the politicians that caused this to happen. Ted Kennedy was one of them and I hope hes in H*** now.



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  • This is too bad that this happened to so many of your co-workers but glad to hear that you escaped the bullet. Be thankful.

  • Finally an interesting post. I often wonder how much longer this world can go on like it is: let's start with the overpopulation problem, not enough jobs, rents are too high; too many people have addictions, no family values; does anyone go to church anymore? Terrorism, poverty, the depletion of natural resources ..... I miss the old days!

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