S** with my best friend

After kissing my best friend, i confessed to him that Ive liked him for a long time. He didnt return my feelings. Instead of moving on I spend all day daydreaming about kissing and touching him in ways that I didn't consider until after he rejected me. Every time I'm near him by body goes beserk, when he touches me I get excited. I don't want a relationship, I just want passion from him. I dream about his hand on my neck, how my body would bend under him. But i don't let him know, I can't let anyone know how desperate I am for him.

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  • I agree, tell him. I had the same with my, for a time, best female friend and business assistant. We spent so much time together that it felt, and, looked like, we were a couple. After awhile, things started to happen, and one day after a road trip, stopped for dinner at a casino and ended up getting a room at the adjoining hotel. Had wild, physical s** until the next morning.

    After that, we decided..Since she had so much going on her life, and, I wasn't that far, time-wise, off my divorce, we should keep this a working relationship, with sexual benefits as we wanted, but..No "relationship" or couple stuff. Bottom line: She admitted, from early on, being a very sexual woman, and I told her more than once, she's physically my type. We kept it purely about s**, and that was it. We parted ways due to other factors, but, when I did have her, there was no bf-gf thing going on. Just work and s**.

  • Be honest with him and tell him you are only wanting s** and he will respond accordingly. It it turns into something else so be it.

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