I f***** a Paraplegic just to try it.

When I was in grad school at Valdosta State University, I used to see this mature brunette with long hair and a nice set of b****** rolling around campus in a wheelchair. I found out that her name was Sheree and she worked on campus and was widowed.
I found out she liked to go to a bar in Remerton and started visiting it regularly. I met her at the base, talked and bought her a drink. I kept running into her, on purpose,at the bar and got to where we regularly drank together. After a few weeks, she invited me back to her house and we had a few more drinks that I fixed, really strong. I started kissing her, she didn't resist. I put my hands on her b******, she didn't resist. I unhooked her bra and had my hands on her b****** under her sweater, she didn't resist. I asked her to take off her sweater and she told me to follow her to the bedroom. She took off her sweater and revealed a fantastic pair of pink capped b****** and took off her slsvkes and showed a smooth, have p****. I undressed and let my erect c*** point straight at her face. She sucked it,I sucked her b******, the f***** her p**** and played with it some. She was very limber and I was able to try several positions that night. I finished off with a long, hard ,deep thrusting with her legs inderher arms so I could get a really deep penetration. All I'm all, I would have to rate the s** as above average. The body(b******) as above average. The oral skills were exceptional. You could tell she had sucked a lot of c*** in her time. MILF factor was 8 out of ten.

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  • I am pretty sure i know her, especially if both her girls were in the VHS band, snd they are hot. Oldest was in colorguard and a tall brunette with big bests and loved tp do threesomes.

  • If it is who I am thinking of, she was in the band herself hen I was and she loved wild s** at 17, too... she son her rifle and my c o c k , too

  • I know her, and I have banged her a few times. Divorced, two grown girls, both as sexy as the mom. Hear she is still serving up the tuna for free.

  • My son was in the Marching Cats with her oldest, and she was a big tittied thing all the fathers talked about, and rumor was momma liked to play and liked it rough. Someone even said that was how she need up in the wheelchair.

  • Ha ha ha...who has not banged her?

  • Well, based on what I have read, I know her because I went to high school with her at VHS and had s** with her in high school. Ran into her when she was working at SGMC as an Xray tech, did a threesome with her and a buddy when her husband was busy once. Heard she ended up in the wheelchair due to a s** related injury ( kinky s**) got divorced was teaching at Val Tech when I took a class and got a b****** from her.

  • Makes me want to go to college. ..

  • I think I know this chick. If it is her, I'd sure love to ride her all night long!

  • Sounds like she was a h**** s*** who loved to f***.

  • I have heard that paraplegic women are very limber and love to have s**.

  • I'm female and had a similar experience I was 15. I was walking past a house, there was a man in a wheelchair. He asked me to help him in to the house, when we got in he pulled the blanket off his lap, his fat c*** rock hard and said please touch it, I felt sorry for him so began wanking him off, he c** very quickly and covered my top with a lot of s****. I took it off and washed it and put it in the tumble dryer. He thanked me and said I had lovely t***, I removed my bra and let him feel them, he got hard again, I removed my knickers straddled him and slid his c*** up my tight p**** and f***** him as he sucked my t***. It was only my second f*** and enjoyed it more than the 1st. He spunked inside me it was warm and lovely.
    I went round once a week for the next 3yrs till I went away to college. I'm 30 now and sadly he passed away last year but left me his house and money

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