Last week was one of euphoria and peace in my home. Sexy wife still demanded more s**; she seemed to always have her hand on my crouch every other day. Hi married men, is that what happens early in pregnancy? Well I am not complaining through. Her b**** are fuller and the buttocks more rounded but it is the b**** that I am most interested in. She is one that knows "my remote control" very well. The yummy milk is yet to start dripping though. I was almost tempted to ask the doctor when that will start.
I have joined her to wake up by 4 am. She woke me up with her amazing voice as she praised Jesus for the lives (she believe she is pregnant with twins)living and developing in her. The obygn had told her that the ultrasonography scan will be performed during her next visit. My wife has continued to be very kind and ebullient. I had expected the "early pregnancy tantrums" to resurrect her old self but that has not been the case. She's remained full of smiles and sang more often. She confessed to me that she wanted to have as much fun as I did that first day we entered the church. She had thought that they would have yanked her off her seat for "exposing so much b****" and thighs/butt. . . and that would have set her yelling and cussing while I quaked with my well deserved laughter. But instead it was new clothing and all love that she has received ever since. She never knew that life could be so full of fun and peace. The fact that she has not touched cigarette or alcohol without struggling and without anyone preaching to her about it still remains a shock.
What happened this afternoon as we exited a shopping mall left my jaw hanging. A haggard-looking, depressed young lady probably in her thirties approached us and asked for "change". I know my wife, and I had expected her to yell and cuss at her as usual and tell her to "go and work"; yes she used to be that spiteful. But to my amazement, she excused herself and asked me to wait for her in the car. She took the lady by her hand into the mall. They emerged after about half an hour with the lady well clothed and carrying two shopping bags and a smiling face. Next she opened her purse and gave the lady some dollar bills (which I later found out were 200 dollars), and a hug! What! As my wife entered our ride, she beckoned to the lady and had her scribble the address of a homeless shelter. I didn't utter a word. My wife saw that I was too stunned to talk. She was the one that smiled, put her arms around me and began talking. She told me some the scriptures that the moderator of her "ladies discussion group" had quoted in answering her question in the church:
Mark fourteen vs seven: You will always have the poor among you and you can help them whenever you want to. But you will not always have me.
Proverbs nineteen vs seventeen: whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and he will repay the person.
James one vs twenty seven: pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
She said that she interviewed her while they shopped in the mall and got to know that she left her toddler with a neighbor in a homeless shelter. She intends to visit her one of these days and provide groceries for her toddler.

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  • Nice story line. I like to read what happens next. Please continue these story until she pops.

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