S** woith Young Men

I married a man 20 years my senior. I am 55 now and he is over the hill as for as s** is concerned. I have found out that younger men love my looks and my s**. because my husband cannot satisfy me anymore he has encouraged me to find s** outside of our marriage.
We live in a college town and I have found a local bar where MILF's are known to go for young men. I go there most Saturday nights and pick up a young man and take him home for the night. My husband is OK with it. I never knew how good s** could be until recently. This has been a great phase in my life and I am enjoying my mature years.

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  • I'm in a similar situation but haven't f***** anyone else yet. I'm 60 and fed up of using a d****, I want some meat in me. I'm up for anything sexual

  • I'm 18 8in fat c***, do you have saggy t*** and hairy c***. If so I'd love to f*** you?

  • Yes I'm chubby with big saggy t***, my p**** is plump and hairy. I'd love your fat c*** up it and in my mouth. Hubby used to f*** my a*** and I miss this, so that is available to you as well. I'm a fat s***, I from Walsall UK

  • F*** I'm in Birmingham and want to f*** you, you saggy old s***, so does my mate, can we both f*** you?

  • Yes please

  • Well it's my dad, he is 45?

  • Oh yes, never had a father and son, were can I meet you both. My p**** is wet and I'm d**** it now. Can't wait, were and when, I like it rough

  • Omg i love an older filthy c*** like you! Always wanted an older fucktoy to play with and im 50

  • Well I am available were you from

  • Rhode Island

  • Good for you!

  • I'm 18 8in fat circumcised c*** and would love to f*** you

  • No one cares. Thanks

  • Looks like you are wrong dude, guess you are a grumpy old man with an erection issue.

  • Really, I have some thoughtful comments not like yours little boy.

  • Nice to hear that you're enjoying yourself but please be careful of avoiding STDs, AIDS and unsafe encounters. Take care now.

  • You are fortunate to have an understanding husband. He probably loves to listen to you having s** with the young men.
    My husband likes me to have a young lover in the guest room then leave my lovers bed and join hubby where he has become a better lover.

  • My your age and my wife has not wanted s** for several years. I have been paying prostitutes, for that time. I'm still virile with a fat 8in circumcised c***. Id love to meet you. I'm also kinky and enjoy bondage, both giving and receiving. Id love you too f*** me with a strap on d****

  • Sorry I am not into kinky stuff, I enjoy normal s**

  • I can do normal

  • F*** normal I'm the fat s*** above, I will cater for your needs

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