I'm going to h***

I just turned 18 this weekend and I had s** with my 20 yr. old cousin. My parents threw a party for me and invited family and friends. My cousin and I have always had this really close bond and sometimes it had gotten to the point of fliting. He came to the family party and everyone was having a good time. Slowly everyone started to leave but he decided to sleep over because we were having a Super Bowl party the next day. Everyone went to bed and my cousin and I were in the game room talking then he kissed me and I didn't pull away. I actually started to get really wet. We made out for a bit then we slowly started touching each other. Before I knew it out clothes were off and I was on my knees sucking his d**k. Then I lyed down and he started to lick my c*** and p**** and it wasn't long before I c**. He then got on top of me and started to f*** me it hurt as first because it was big. Then he started to f*** doggie style and spank me at the same time which felt amazing and I c** once again. Finally I got on top of him to ride his big d*** and he kept playing with my b**** and a**. After a few minutes he told me to get off and he c** all over my t*** . I gotta admit it was a fun night and I would do it again.

Feb 9, 2016

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  • This story is so lame. Hard to believe because it's not true.

  • I do not see that harm in cousins being close and maybe experimenting with s**. Just so not get prego.

  • Please don't do this again. Incest is wrong and the world is full of other people. Use your imagination and your youth to find suitable partners who are non- relatives.

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