Having s** first time

It was early on a Monday morning and I looked awful , but for my 3 year boyfriend it didn't seem to matter. We have been talking about having s** for quite along time now . But I wasn't ready. Now I am ... This is my confession...
So we where walking to school on Monday and we where talking about s** , when we would like it etc'
Then I asked him , what would he like to do to me , it was at that moment we walked into the opposite direction and sat in a small , covered seating area. He led me on my back and whispered deeply into my ear .
'I want to caress your inner thigh with my tounge , whilst my hands slowly slide past your pantyline and begin to undo your bra.'
Then he did so,
'Then I want you to look me in the eyes , and tell me that you want me to feel every part of your sweet body , with care '
I told him just that,
'Now I want you to let me control you.'
I did as he said , worried about finally losing my virginity , but trusting him to be gentle .

He sat me up and slowly removed my clothing , once I was down to only thongs he led me back onto the soft grass and began to passionately kiss me , he help my b**** in his hands , slowly massaging them , sending waves of l*** through my entire body , I twitched , loving the feel of his body on top of mine . He pulled away and looked at me with a dirty grin. He sat up and removed his top and trousers , but left his pants on. He pinned my arms to my sides and started to kiss and lick my nipples , I thrusted my wet p**** into his d*** , urging him to pay attention to my women juice , he just looked at me with a teasing grin and said
'You naughty little girl , wanting daddy to take care of your treasure , I don't think so miss sexy , I haven't finished with you yet ...'
I moan quietly as he rubs my clitorous underneath my panties , my p**** is throbbing for some attention , so I start to pull down my thongs , but he slowly moves my arm away , and says
' getting tired sexy? , you must wait , your missing the good part '
I started to think what the good part must be . Because this is all good , I can't imagine anything better !
Just then he lifts my hips up and pulls my legs around his shoulders , he starts to thrust his d*** into my wet p**** ,
' please , please can I take them off '
I beg , panting and trying to stop myself from moaning .
'Not yet miss '
I lean my head back , forcing myself to steady my breathing as he teases my inner thighs , I need him to come in me , I need him to treat my p**** , and treat her well. I start to breath harder as he begins to remove my thongs ,
'Uhh,uhh , uuuuuuuuuuhhh'
I hit climax and my moaning was not stopping , so I let him pull down my soaking panties , and once I was naked on the grass , I grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me , I pulled off his Calvin kleins to reveal a massive b**** , I was eager to have him inside me , but I knew that wasn't his plan quite yet.

He led me back onto the ground and dragged himself down so his face was level with my wet p**** , he lifted my hips so my legs were hooked around his shoulders , he started to lick my p**** in circular movements .
He was so good ..
Then he thrusted his tounge into my p**** hole and started to move my hips along with him.
'That's it baby, give me your juice , then you can have your prize'
' make me come baby, make me come in your mouth, I want you inside me , I want you to come inside me , I want to feel your d*** in my p**** , I want to feel it gooood'
'Your wish is my command baby girl '

I came in his mouth as he wanted, he licked me out so there was just enough moisture for his length to slip inside my throbbing p****.
I tilted my head back , and moaned so loudly , my whole body shook , I completely forgot we where in the middle of a park , but I wasn't worried . This was amazing .
'Baby , penetrate me , come inside me , do it no...'

I felt his long moist d*** slide into my swollen wet p**** , he was thrusting back and forth slowly and I couldn't control the moans , then he speeded up and he started to moan , he held my hips and urged himself forward . My legs where quivering , I was sweating , and I was loving this moment .

I felt a shoot of warm come , power inside of me , I was restless , but I felt incredible , he rolled to the side of me and we just led there , looking at the sky.

'That was amazing.' I breathed
'No you are amazing.'

He passionately kissed me and then sat up and pulled on his clothes. I did the same.

'You are so f****** sexy 'he moaned
'What you want some more ?' I grinned
'Oh I'm getting some more ' he winked
'When's that then?'
'3rd period , meet me inside room 43 '

12:23 - and we did exactly the same , my boy is perfect ...

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