I f***** my neighbor's son

I am a middle aged married male. My neighbor is a black man. He was a three sport star in high school, and a football player in college. He coached his son as his boy grewup, but his son did not take to sports the eay he did.

At 15 his son came out of the closet, and shortly after that he began to cross dress. My neighbor was distraught, but eventually accepted this.

That brings me to that night. My neighbor and I were having a few beers aroung the fire. Everyone else turned it in for the night. Alex (his son) stopped by. He (ir she as I eill refer to her from now on) eas wearing a crop top which showed off her tiny waist and a pair of Daisy Duke cutoff jean shorts that highlighted long legs and a tight little ass.Akex was 17 and had just graduated from high school.

Eventually my neighbor cashed it in and went to bed. Alex sat around the fire with me. We talked about her college plans and made small talk. Then she confessed that she had a crush on me. I tried to gently play this off, but then our eyes met. I am not a gay man, but as god is my witness, this girl was as hot as any black girl I have seen. She reached to kiss me with her lucious lips, and I did not resist.

Soon we were entangled, kissing passionately. She began to fondle my genitals, as I groped and massaged her ass

She unzipped me and began to give me head. Her nig brown eyes met mine, and I could have exploded right there. I pulled her shorts off, and for the first time in my life, I put a c*** in my mouth. I have seen enough p*** that I knee whar to do. I grabbed her ass and swallowed that black d*** until hot c** filled my throat.

Then, just feet awat from my sleeping wife's window, I took Alex doggie style, ny the dying fire's embers. She had such a shapely ass and a tiny little waist;she was meant to be taKen yhis way. I reached around and played with her still hard d***. She came again before I exploded in her ass.

I felt terribly guilty the next day, but also incredibly satisfied. Alex and I would hook up many more times that summer. She has sin e gone to college. I jear she has breast implants now. I think she has moved on biit if the opportunity ever presented itself......

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  • It's going to take some adjusting to a world that thinks something with a p3nis can be called "she." This is very much a First World Problem...

  • "ir she as I eill refer to her from now on" English, do you speak it?

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