S** along the path

Three weeks ago I was basically raped by three guys on the path thru the woods from the bus stop to my home and I did as mom always told me not to fight and you most likely wouldn't get hurt. Well that part was true for it was over in 10 minutes till the guys filled my puss with their c** and I went home sore and ashamed that I lost my virginity that way. That night I cried myself to sleep so ashamed I couldn't tell anyone I knew but I told my minister and he wanted me to report it to the police which I didn't, I did tell it on here tho.
Yesterday on the way home it happened again, not the three that did it to me before but just two the two bigger guys. The first was the biggest of the two and he was rather gentle with me, took his time and I actually began to enjoy his c*** in me till he filled my puss with his c** again then the other had his way with me and it didn't take him long to fill me and they left but the older guy maybe 20 said I'll see you tomorrow and they ran off and again I was left there no clothes and I rounded up my clothing got dressed and went home. Washed their c** from me and took a pill that I got from my GF to prevent pregnancies, god I hope they work for that's all I need.
What about tomorrow kept running through my mind. What if he's there tomorrow like he said he would be. If I follow the road to my house it's almost a mile and a half compared to just a half mile through the woods. Yet a part of me wanted to meet just him for he was gentle with me and I was beginning to enjoy him but him alone and I fell asleep.

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  • I have yet to meet any woman who in any way enjoyed rape. Some enjoy what is called fantasy rape but that is not what you describe. I do not believe your story.

  • Yes you should not fight them i told my wife not too fight if any one tryed too rape her so when two guys did she let the drill her good never got hurt just let them do what they needed to do they finished and she came home full

  • When u need to try something new, message me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com

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