I say n***** because it is taboo and offends minorities.



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  • That's nice. I make truthful observations because it's right to do so, but it might as well be taboo. Stupid people either ignore it, twist it, or yell and scream about it. No matter how they respond though, it triggers them.

    See? I can have even more fun than you, and don't have to be a racist fucktard to do it!

  • If that makes you pedophiles feel better about yourselves, so be it.

  • Well I need that big n***** c*** in my tight ass, slamming my ass hard

  • God, yes. That is exactly how I say it to black men hitting the honey spot.

  • Wow. SO edgy.

    If you really want to make heads explode right and left, try treating other people as human beings regardless of skin color. You will freak out not just minorities and SJWs, but racists too! If you're going for mass offensiveness, don't you want the bigger numbers?

  • Does that work for you child molesters?

  • It appears to offend you more, otherwise you wouldn't be so inclined to "say it!" You're doing more harm than good, to no one else, but yourself!

    Be careful who you say that word to, you don't know how they'll react!

  • If said out loud, "one minute you're standing, the next you're on your back seeing stars!"

  • Dream on, incel.

  • I bet you can't stand it when your sons/daughters fall in love with said n****** and make little niglet babies. You sound so petty and insecure. Grow up.

  • Quit molesting toddlers.

  • It's just a word. If it offends you it's because you're weak minded and doing what the media is telling you. I've been called every name in the book, but I define who I am, not some dimwit with a poor vocabulary.

  • It's not, "just a word you fool!"

    It depends on the context the word is used within, that determines the impact it makes!
    However, if you can't comprehend the impact and powerful emotiveness this word can evoke in some individual's, you're beyond logical and reasoning thoughts

  • ^^ Said the same person that bragged about pushing their Grandma down a flight off steps to her death!

  • I say n***** because that's what they all are.

  • You say that word because of, "who you're as a person, which is an ignorant racist!"

  • Keep flailing, rapist!

  • You have zero sophistication as well.

  • You are an imbecile.

  • Whatever - you have zero sophistication too. Again it's like saying all whites are honkies, crackers and racists. It's just not so and you're wasting your time being ignorant this way.

  • What does the term "honkies" make you feel and think of? Then compare it to the feelings, thoughts and visualisations the term "n****" invokes, I bet it's different!

  • You comprehend nothing and deserve no explanation!

  • Whatever - you have no sophistication. That's like saying all whites are honkies, crackers and racists. It's just not so and you're wasting your time being ignorant this way.

  • Sophistication. So far it's been used by 3 pedophiles in this forum.

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