S** in the out house

When I was in the 8th grade I went to a two room school house in the boon docks of Nevada and one day Tim a guy in the 9th grade wanted to watch me m*********, I don't know why I did but I did and he caught my c** in his hand and told me to drop my pants and turn around and bend over, again I don't know why I did but I did and he smeared my c** on my ass pushing a finger into me and then his c***, god it hurt at first but after a bit of him just holding himself in me it started in feeling good and he started in pushing it in and out of me slow to start with them hard to the point of his b**** slapping my thighs all the time rubbing and lightly pinching my nipples driving me wild I was pushing back against him hard and he kept saying things like ah your liking it huh b**** and I'd answer yesss god yessssssssssss and I was and all of a sudden he pulled my hips back against him and I felt him fill my ass with his s**** god did it feel good having his c*** buried deep into me giving me his c**.
The rest of the school year Tim did me at least twice daily till the end of the year and during that summer he'd come over and we'd go hiking but just far enough to get out of sight of the house and we got naked and he'd make love to me for hours filling my ass again and again. The next year I was in the 9tyhb grade and Tim had to go to town for school but we still get together on the week ends. BUT 14 year old Jason took over Tim's job of f****** me during school and god Jason's c*** is quite a bit bigger and a lot thicker. God I love these ranch boys.

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