He made me hungry for his c***

I am 18 F and on a dare I was to got to the local p*** store and buy a big c*** magazine. When I got there there was just 2 others in the store other than the guy behind the counter It's not all that big and I started in looking thru7 the magazines and I'll admit seeing what I was looking at really got to me and I must have squirmed a bit and a deep voice said softly you like them huh as his hands slid along my hips back and forth inching theur way to the front of me pulling me back against him and I felt his hard member pressing against my ass as he pulled me tighter and tighter and by then he had on hand right on my pubs as the other went right up my blouse circling one breast then the other and he started in playing with my nipple as he pressed his hand tighter against me beloy and at that point if he asked me to undress I would have for my nipples are the key to my whole body and have been since early puberty.
He led me to a little room put in a buck and a movie came on and here was a guy he must have had 14 inches he was doing some little red head much like me and the guy slid my skirt from me and my briefs and he said sit on this I turned and looked and I thought I'd faint here was one just a bit smaller than the one on screen and I did and began to ride him, god he felt so good couldn't take4 all of him but I was trying and sorry to say it didn't last long I came and he filled me with his c** but he wouldn't let me off of him told me to keep ridding and I did he went down a bit and I now could push all the way down onto him and he held me tight against him and his c*** got harder and harder and he wouldn't let me up a bit if anything he pulled me tighter against him and he said you got it all now b**** now f*** it as he slapped my thigh.; The movie e4nded but he didn't for 2 1/2 hours he f***** me both lower holes.. My nipples still tingle at the thought of him touching me and I get wet all over again.
Tonight he's taking me to dinner, wonder what he wants in return, bet it's my tight puss on his raging c***.

Feb 16, 2016

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