S** with my Girlfriend's sister

So my Girlfriend was working the night and wasn't coming home til 11:00PM. So I had the time to myself. Her sister came over to use our shower since her's broke down. Me and my girlfriend are 22. Her sister is 21. It was 8:00 PM When she came. She was done taking a shower when she called me. She was naked and masturabating herself. She asked If I could help her masturabte. I didn't want to betray my girlfriend but she was just so hot. So I fingered her that night and she was moaning. I liked her p**** too. After that, she got clothes and my girlfriend came home. Her sister ended up staying the week at our house. And I fingered her every time. And one day she opened my flap and sucked my c***. It happened recently. My girlfriend still doesn't know. I love her but her sister's just too hot. How do I stop? It's to tempting.

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  • The crazy thing is at 22, you and your gf may stay together for a couple of years at the most (unless she finds out). But her and her sister have to endure a life time relationship together. It sounds like the younger sister has done this before. But seriously, your gf deserves a waaay better boyfriend and waayy better sister. In the future, when something happens like someone cheats on you, bite your tongue..it's just karma coming back for you. And it will most likely happen with some one you deeply like.

  • It sounds hot but in order to stop, just imagine the hurt your girlfriend would experience if found out that you were cheating with her sister. That should be enough to help you to get control of yourself.

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