First time havin s**

The first time i had s** is a funny story... I met up with my friend in my old building and we were planning this for a while but we decided that we were going to f***. Soooo i waited 10 minutes for him to come and when he finally came he hugged me and we walked up to the 6th floor. When we reached there he got a pack of condoms out of his pocket and said that were having s**... MIND YOU where in the staircase!!! Im like noooo were not and he has the nerve to say how much u wanna bet.... LIKE HOLDD ONNNN..... anyways he put on the jimmy and pulled my track pants down and started putting his piece in me bit by bit... it was weird though but he ended up putting everything inside me and i guess i was loose cause I masterB alot so yahhh thats my first time.

Feb 16, 2016

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