Conversation with a black escort worker in Chatanooga TN

When I was on business trips to Tennessee I would use escort services when the work was done. I'd call them and they would send one of their escorts to my motel room.

One of them was a pretty black girl who as usual asked what I wanted to do.

I told her I wasn't kinky but I did enjoy performing c********** on the women who came over. She asked me to describe it and when I told her what it was she was visible excited and h****. You could smell the estrogen.

I went down on her and I've never seen a woman enjoy it more than she did. I was especially good that day as my tongue swept over her c***, entered her v***** and swept over her a******. Her t*** were tighter than any woman I have ever seen. Vaginal fluid was all over my face and the bed itself.

I finally got around to doing regular s** with her and that sure was fun. C** everywhere and more female orgasmic fluids.

I slept on the other bed that night I can tell you and I often wondered what the maids thought when they had to clean the room up.

It turns out that this black girl had never had anyone eat her out before and I was her first customer in the escort service. Her madam had sent her to me because I was a repeat customer that the other girls considered and easy fun f***.

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