S** addict

Im 19 years old with a 14 month old daugher and i live a relatively normal life. But behind clothes door i have a problem. I am addicted to s**. My partner cant even keep up and we have s** whenever we can. 4 days a week 3hrs a night atleast and when he stays we dont sleep. But i still m********* everyday atleast twice a day. Im think about s** a lot and fantasize about a lot of people. I watch p*** everyday and i mean everything. Lezbian straight gay a*** mixed 3some gang. Theres not much i havent seen. Im always h****. And im worried about it getting worse and ruining ny relationship because im thinking about other people and im scared ill cheat and think about it alot. I dont want to lose him because he is good to me and my daughter.


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  • When u need to try something new, message me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • Hello, I am a 30 year old married man. I am also starved for s**, aka a s** addict. We have s** practicality every night of the week, I wear her out and she gets tired of it. Even when we are having s** everynight, I still m********* everyday. Some people don't know, and might think this is good, but it can drive you nuts! I can tell you what has helped me. I do not watch p*** anymore, bc that just makes it worse, I have started getting myself on a schedule of masterbating, and stick to
    That schedule. Do not trust yourself around the opposite s**. An secretly talk to a support group. It has been helping me ALOT. Hope that helps.

  • Give me a call! I am constantly randy.

  • Google s** addiction - don't ruin your daughters life

  • I need you instead of my wife

  • Wow I want chat? masurbate twice a.day?/I will handle.u

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