b********** and the harlot.

i want my dog to f*** the h*** out of me. his d*** is bigger than my boyfriends. and one day...i just might let him.

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  • Yeh I can see the media headlines in years to come "princess Charlotte the harlot!" or "Harlot Charlotte"

  • issues mate!

  • Video it! I want to see you scream.

  • Yeah baby !

  • dez nuts want it on video.

  • Remember to practice safe s**! there are animal std's too. Watch for infections from the bactieria in his s*****. The social stigma is kinda bad and long lasting.

    Are you going to take it to the knot?

  • Gross. And Bullshit.

  • Twisted, you sick f***** b****...Find a real man then!!

  • Let me watch

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