Caught wife looking at big c**** on her cell phone

My wife and I were in bed, I was watching tv and she was on her phone on Facebook I thought. I glanced over at her and in the reflection off the head board I could see a huge p**** picture on her screen! I acted like I couldn't see anything but kept glancing from time to time. One time she was actually watching a video of a man j********** his huge c***! I could tell she was really into the video so I slide down under the sheets and started eating her out. She never put her phone down and let me eat her out while she watched different videos. She held my head with one hand and her phone in the other until she came.

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  • Bet she's "friended" the owner of that BIG C***! Maybe you will get to watch it slide in and out of her h**** p**** some day!!!!!

  • Bet she's had that big c*** up her c***

  • My wife started off by making comments about c*** size. We were at the pool last summer. A guy was wearing tight fitting swim trunks. You could clearly see his large c***. She blurted out, "Holy s***." I asked what. She said, "Blue trunks over there. Look at the size of his d***." A few weeks later I asked her what the biggest guy was that she had slept with. She said 7 inches (I'm 5). I said, "So haven't ever had any huge c***?" She said, "Unfortunately no. I'd like to tho."

  • My wife will get a good hot steamy book and read it in bed and I will make out with her that way and I love it too.

  • Now that is hot. I have don't that while my wife was reading some steamy s** books. She would get so hot and juicy.

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