Today was great! The past week was greater. My sexy wife has gained some weight in the right places; her b**** and her hips. the tummy is yet to show. I have been pounding none stop. I am not the one asking, she does most of the time and I am not complaining.
Character-wise, her temperament has been sweet; no nagging, just singing all the time and waking up with songs and prayers by 4.00 a.m. She remembered her guitar and got a teacher to fine-tune her skills. Jesus is the spice in any marriage.
Wednesday was my birthday and she gave me her first gift since we got married! I have always been the giver on her big days. You are probably wondering what she gave me? Well that is a story for another day. But guys, the greatest gift is the one that Jesus has given me in my brand new wife. I am on a never ending honeymoon.
My lady is a great cook and we are saving money; a lot of money since we stopped eating out always. After praying yesterday morning and giving me a sexy Saturday, my sweet wife shocked me with a request. She wanted us to "make an investment together in our names, now that our child is on the way . . .". I was listening and thinking, where is the money going to come from? Now, she earns more than twice my salary; from investments she inherited from her super rich mom. (Formerly, I had been the one paying most of the bills. She used to spend most of her funds on shopping sexy wears and expensive vacations, hanging out with friends and so on.) So she asked me to choose and I had to ask the question that's been on my mind before I fool myself. "Where is the funds?". She then spilled the amount and my jaw dropped. When she saw how shocked I was, she clicked open her bank statement and men . . . this girl is rich! I quickly picked my phone and called a friend of mine who is a stock broker (since I had little idea about it all.) Well, now, we have fixed appointments. The second shocker was yet to come . . . she had paid off our mortgages! I am financially free! Men, it is so sweet to be free!

When I asked her why she took these steps, she reminded me of the bible study she shared with me from the mid-week service (which I did not attend due to work).

"Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law". Romans 13:8

"I love you J. . . . " She called my pet name. (I can't remember the last time my wife told me "I love you" since we got married). She gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek and I saw tears of joy on her fair cheeks. I am blessed. I thank God every time I remember that day I towed my skimpy-dressed sexy wife to church to make fun of them. My life and indeed our lives have changed in many ways!

Today, she towed both her friend (whom I told you about prior -the one she forgave her debts) and her new friend from the street to the church. I am watching.


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  • Beautiful experiences you are having there!

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