Signs I know I need a f*** or w*** - girl talk

How I can tell when I need a good w*** off or f***.

I am tearful and crying or really angry frustated and sexually charged in anger and rage or feel got at

feeling like your hair is standing on end and every inch of your body is tingling with a rage to let out a engergy f*** hard

t*** ache and nipples feel sexy pressed and tingly
feeling a tightening of face muscles twitching and involuntary shakes and jerks, a sense of needing titilation cuz your so h**** and angry and like you want to frown and smile and cry and grown and moan as he is doing you hard and loud with bed springs jiggering and my fat tities wobbling over his face and I want to massage his d*** several ways for ages before hand...
p**** is pulsating and vibing and well lubricated

having a headache and tension pain, hard full on good wanking off where you are on top of a d**** feels great, I would love to try this with a cute thin tall hot good looking clever professional guy I would love to f*** this english doctor so badly like ride the guts out of him in bora bora for a 4 weeks straight

feeling like you just can't hold back needing to self stimulate for relief and find a nice position

sometimes I love to watch p*** and m********* vigorously on top hard and fast like
or I will watch karma sutras and laydown with arched back up and leg over to the side and do a count f***, like slow 1s and tease imagine him making me say when and how many thrusts, and begging him for it and him getting me so wet and tenderly tease tickling my mound hair and then hard c***.... feeling my c*** get bigger and bigger and harder and swollen big fat p**** lips. I dream of him f****** me loud and being in a brothel or classic old vintage hotel, hearing people having lots of s** while we have s** in several positions and him making me feel like a woman and a child, til i cry and beg for his hard huge d*** c*** pounding me and lots of slow and fast

sometimes i love laying on my back and having a open fat belly and huge t*** hanging out and he tweets my nipples with fingers and teeth and vib volts and him talking sexy dirty to me making love to me, I like to imagine having hot s** with a prince like all that to anyman who is cute and willing to provide his c*** to a lonely insecure desperate and sexually frustrated girl who wants to hump him wildly or him hump me wildly. i want a english doctor to beg me for s** and pound my p**** all night every night. and make the s** ritualistic and seedy and get me to say and do chants like "it feels so good to me" over and over or 1 and then thrusts and then 1 again and then 3 or 7 a few times then back to heaps of one and then lots of sparrow and horse like rodeo sexing riding and cobra s** position etc and letting me cry out in frustration and then slow pull outs and d*** teasing and 1s trusts again and moaning and begging for 1s over and over and over and over til your crying it out fast over and over and shaking your t*** and him saying how much he loves my fat p**** lips and fat t****** and calling me his baby sexy and massaging my body in places soft and hard where it hurts. then watching me shake out a hyno j*** as I c** and feeling him j*** and c** hard and fast and moaning and saying how much he loves my p**** and t*** and him letting others hear him f****** me hard and fast and slow and painfully long for hours a night. and rocking in his arms and rubbing my c*** against his c*** and mound and when we have a baby the baby watches us have s** and copies our moan noises and we moan our a lot and shake the bed ritually in a long rhythmic display of love and painful release.

feeling like I want a c*** up my p**** hard thrusting, cant concentrate on anything but him and his c***. and s** not caring who sees us or hears us f****** so long as we are f******. giving up the rest of the world for sexual freedom in the moment and going for it.


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