Old man turned me into a c*********

Old man turned me into a c*********

I've been sucking c*** behind my girlfriends back for nearly thirty years ever since some dirty old man caught me looking at his big c*** and told me to get on my knees and suck him off. I couldn't believe how much it turned me on to be used like some s*** by an old man in public and he could see it and started calling me a filthy little c********** f*****. I was so turned on I shot my load all over the floor without even playing with myself and I stayed hard he laughed and said I think you're going to sucking lots and lots of c**** now your a c********* aren't you? Oh god no I like girls. Well you love c*** more don't you? No. No you don't want to suck my c*** then? I'm not sure. Ok no more for you. Ugh can't I carry on for a while. Not unless you ask me nicely. Ugh ok please let me carry on. If you want to suck my big c*** tell me that you are a c********** little f***** that loves sucking dirty old men off in public. No I can't im not gay. No but now you've suck c*** your a c********* for life. Oh god I can't believe how much i loved having your c*** in my mouth your right I want to suck your c*** please let me. Ok but if I let you suck my big c*** I want your name and address ok? Ugh why? So you will be my c*** slave anytime I need you or I will visit your parents and tell them that you have been sucking old men off in public toilets. No please don't just let me suck your c*** this time only. Oh no no deal I'm going home. Oh no please don't leave. Well tell me your name and address and what you are. Oh ok my name is Steve and I live and I'm a filthy little f***** that love's sucking c***. Now that's better open your mouth and do what you're going to be doing for the rest of your life. Yes that's it good boy suck that big c*** oh yes you will be coming back here every day looking for c*** won't you c*********? I can't understand why but It turns me on so much I think your right I won't be able to resist coming here looking for men to suck. Yes that's right now you've suck a real man's c*** your a c********* for life and you don't even care that you are on your knees in a filthy public toilet sucking an old man's dirty smelly old c*** while being watched do you? Ugh what oh god no. Don't stop it's ok they can see your a c********* so carry on doing what you were born for I bet if you ask nicely they will let you suck their c**** as well. Oh god I've been caught sucking c*** please don't tell anyone. Oh if you want us to keep quiet you will have to suck all of us off as well. Oh god ok. I can see your going to busy here tonight sucking c*** after c*** like a dirty c********** f***** look at how much you love sucking my big c*** you love it don't you? Oh god yes it's turning me on sucking you off in front of other men god I want more c***. That's if good little c********* your going to make me c** oh god yes I'm c****** oh yes you like that don't you look at him this is the first time he's sucked c*** and he's swallowed all my c** and sucking me clean I think he wants more don't you? Mmm yes please. I'm going home so enjoy yourself c********* I will be in touch. So there I was on my knees sucking old men off like some dirty little s*** and I loved it I was now a c********* and I've sucked at least 500 c**** since then and I now want to fully submit to c*** I want to be filmed sucking c*** and have it posted online to expose me as the c********* I am.

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  • You seem to have discovered something that you love but don't you care at all about your health? How many STDs are you at risk of exposing yourself to? Surely this isn't worth getting sick over or infecting your wife. Please get control of yourself before you ruin your health. Take care.

  • H*** yeah

  • I'm the poster below, dies that mean you agree to the terms of engagement

  • I'm 20 with an 8in fat c***, I want you to sick it and swallow my s****. I'll video you as well but you will have to let me f*** you a***, you birth old b******. You will be my b**** so I will put a collar and lead on you and f*** you doggy like the b**** you are

  • Mmm yes please sir make me your b****

  • If he doesn't want you I do. I'm 55 and submissive. I have only sucked 10 c**** and never been f***** in the a*** but will let you f*** me like a b****. My wife is ok with this and would be more than happy to assist you in my humiliation. She has forced me to reply to you

  • I'm happy to meet you but I want to f*** you fat saggy wife 1st and you suck my c*** and her smelly c***. Then I will f*** you

  • Oh yes when and where?

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