H**** and boyfriend is out of town

I am really h**** right now and my boyfriend is out out of town until the end of the week. I want his d*** inside of me. I want to stroke him, giving him a b******* until he c*** into my mouth. I want him to fondle my b****** (wear a 32DDD) and to suck on and kiss my nipples until my p**** is super wet. I want him to watch me as I climb on top of him, sliding his hard d*** inside of me, and watch as my b****** start to bounce. I want him to get me on my back, push my legs open as wide as they'll go, slide his d*** between the lips of my p****, and tease me, by gently sticking the head of his d*** inside of me, in and out, in and out several times, waiting for me to beg him to f*** me, then slides his d*** inside of me, hitting my g-spot each time. I want him to feel my p**** tighten around his d*** as I begin to get closer to coming. I want him to beg me to come on his d***. I went to be on all fours. I want him to enter my p**** from the back. His hands planted firmly onto my hips, sliding his d*** into my p****, pulling my hips towards him. I want to feel his grip each time he thrusts in to me. I want to feel him spank. I want to feel him getting bigger inside of me as he gets closer to erupting inside of me.

I guess I will need to use my vibrating d**** and pretend that it is the real deal until I can seem my boyfriend this weekend. I'm 5'0" and around 142 lbs (lean body mass of 26%). I workout regularly (rowing machine, cycling - indoor and outdoor, walk/hike, and strength train). When I get h****, I am super h**** and feel like having s** with whatever guy wants to have s** with me. At the very least, have my b****** fondled, my nipples sucked/fondled, and get finger f*****. That's it, I can't take it any longer. I'm going to make use of my vibrating d****.

Mar 8, 2016

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  • I would love to help. Sorry he's gone.

  • Do you need some help until he returns? We are a bi couple

  • H**** girl.

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