I'm only 15 and I've lost count of the guys I've slept with.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • stds?

  • I would use this time to make a valid point, but I know that you're more interested in the number of comments you get rather than the real meaning behind them.
    Sound familiar?

  • I say F***, F*** and F*** some more... Seriously, there isn't anything wrong with it really, although risky, why not taste all there is before you marry one

  • If you realize what you're doing, there is still time to change. Make a new chapter in your life, and forget about the girl you once were. Promiscuity doesn't mean you are a s***, the reason probably goes much deeper, like you are seeking approval, or hoping that someone will love you, this isn't the way to find it. Just be patient.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! You don't know the first thing about your own p****, do you?
    So if she has s** with the same guy (and ONLY that one guy) twice as often as she does now with others, by the time she's ... oh let's say 25, she should be able to fit a Buick in there. Dumbass.
    If you're older than that, your lips ought to be sweeping the floor by now.
    Your "treasure chest" analogy is cute, but seriously flawed. Once you know the diference between love and l***/s**, you'll understand this.

  • To the comment 2 above me: I gave a reason, fool! At least she would know a.) who her baby's daddy is and/or b.) who gave her an std. There are plenty of reasons to not be a w**** (or s*** if you prefer). The girl is so young, she should have respect for her body. My step-father used a treasure chest analogy. If you let every man take a piece, when the right one comes along, there won't be anything left. I feel bad for her, she is going to end up 20 years old with the v***** of a 50 year old woman. It just keeps streching.

  • There's plenty of reasons why she shouldn't even be having s** in the first place, much less with a bunch of guys. Besides this world isn't perfect and if she's going to put herself out there like that and expose what she's doing then understand people are going to call her just that, s**** and whores

  • ^ Why does it matter to you how many people she has s** with? That doesn't make her a w****. A w**** is someone who does it for money.
    And why should she do it with only ONE guy? Sounds to me like you're trying to make other people do what YOU want them to do.

  • Stop being a w****! If you wanna have s**, find ONE guy (like a f***-buddy) to do it with. Otherwise you are gonna be one of those b****** on Maury who don't know who their baby's daddy is.

  • that "dez nuts" guy is really f****** p****** me off.

  • dude, as long as you enjoyed, it was consensual, and they were all single, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

  • Why does that make you a s***? Nothing wrong with enjoying s** whether you're a guy or a girl.

  • can you count dez nuts?

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