She made my butt hurt!!!

While talking at the mall with a group of friends, both male and female, I was flirting with this college girl. We were playfully going back and forth and she pushed me...not hard....but I lost my balance. Ya know how you catch yourself when you are falling. Well, that did not happen with me. It happened so quickly. I fell straight back and landed right on my butt with a THUD. I did not put my hand out to catch myself, I did not fall on my side. I fell hard...full on my butt. My butt hit the floor so hard, I felt jolted and surprised. I just sat there for a second with my mouth open in total shock. She instantly felt bad and ran over to help me up. Everyone else erupted with laughter. My butt instantly started hurting...a lot!! She helped me back to my feet and all I could say was "youchie wowsers!" They laughed even harder at that. I was rubbing my poor sore butt. The girl that pushed me felt terrible and apologized and even started rubbing my butt for me. I told her that she totally broke my butt. I was soooo embarrassed.

Mar 10, 2016

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