Mom's hairy m***

My earliest memory is of my mom's p****. My parents were sort of hippies and weren't at all ashamed of their naked bodies. They weren't nudists, but around the house there was no big rush to get dressed or close the door when doing so. When I was very little, I would shower with either of my parents. My mom had a big hairy m***. It looked so soft and fluffy when it was dry, and I loved watching the water run through it as it became wet and droopy. I was naturally baffled by the differences between their bodies, and I think I asked a lot of questions. I distinctly remember asking if I could touch it, and she said OK. I patted it with my hand and ran my fingers through it. Then it got wet, and I thought it was funny how I could twist and shape it. She laughed a little to see how delighted I was, but would soon tell me that's enough and move my hand away. I looked forward to shower time so I could see it and play with it.

My parents soon grew out of their hippie phase. One day my dad cut his hair short and shaved his beard. The shock of not recognizing him made me cry. Years later I found out he cleaned up because he got a nice job, which my mom had pushed him to do. The next time I showered with my mom I got an even bigger shock. She had also shaved. I cried again. It wasn't until much later in my adult life that I put it together that they must have made a deal, that he would shave if she did. It was so smooth, but I didn't like it. She thought my reaction was funny, but assured me it would grow back. And it did. I guess their arrangement was a one time deal.

Eventually, she told me that I was too old to shower with her. She said that big boys don't shower with their mommies. I pouted and tried unbuttoning her pants. She stopped me and said that big boys don't get to touch their mommies there. I was devastated. Luckily she still showered with the door open and rarely covered up when walking across the hall, so I was able to catch a peek once in a while. I found the perfect angle for looking through the door and seeing her in the bathroom mirror. (Did I mention she also had big t*** with just the right amount of sag, and I loved to watch them jiggle? Oh, well, she did).

This went on for years. I later had this new experience called an erection and found that I would get one when I watched her. I also discovered that stroking it felt good. This led to my preteen self getting caught by my mom while masturbating to her in the shower. Oops. I just wish she wouldn't have caught me while I was c****** because some of it got on her. Although, the sight of my c** on her naked body fueled my masturbation fantasies for many years. My dad had "the talk" with me after that. I never saw my mom naked again, and we never spoke of it. But I have to say I think of her once in a while when I'm eating out the hairy m*** of my big-tittied wife.

Mar 10, 2016

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