Ex escort

While i was at uni, i worked as an escort for approx 10months to fund my lifestyle/living costs and other. i was 18/19 at the time and now im 26 and in two weeks im getting married and my future husband has no clue, and i dont really know if should tell him? he thinks i have only slept with 4 men but the truth is its more like 200+. i never worked on the street, it was a big company escort service however, i took part in many higher class parties and orgys and most them was with muitiple men and i had plenty use my A-levels and OWO, i dont regret anything as i fully enjoyed it and learnt and experanced so much, most men where rich arabs and older married men and it really added to the fun.

Mar 11, 2016

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  • So, did you tell him?

  • Keep it to yourself..My older sister did two types of "dancing" in college; One, as a performer for sporting events, for the college's dance team, and another..Across the border from the school, at a strip club. Only I knew she'd been doing it for a year, and made a ton of cash showing off her marvelous body and 38C t***. Her first husband only knew about the on-field, uniformed dance team stuff, not the strip club.

    She and I kept this her secret. The night of his bachelor party, he jokingly asked me "So, anything else I should know about her before I do this? Is she really an ax murderer or h***** or something?". He did say it as a joke, knowing how close older sister and I were. My mind laughed hysterically, thinking "You're such a clueless a******..She's been stripping for two years!".. However, I said nothing...

  • Don't say a f****** word about it! That crap about honesty being the best policy is bs! Your husband will always be thinking if you are going to f***
    somebody when he isn't around. Some guy on the street will look at you and your husband will think it must be one of your John's. Don't say s***!!!

  • Thank you, i think i will follow this advice

  • How many is the most you have had all to yourself?

  • Well the most on my own was four, but me and another once took on 12 between us in one room!

  • You f*** them bare? how much did u earn?

  • Being a prostitute is nothing to be ashamed of, I'm 60 and been one for 30yrs and I love it. Prospective husband's may not share my view so don't tell him, our past is the past let it stay there xx

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