Having s** with an olderman

When i was 17 yrs old i was working for shipping company in manchester i had to work every other s/day always being out on a friday night s/days i always had hangover george the security man in his late fortys would always give me a hug and say good night bev go to the office and i,ll make you a coffee which he did then bring it up then we would have chat it would always get round s** this went on for a couple of weeks the chats go deeper and admitted when i walk up the stairs he always looks up my skirt and made a note of what colour knickers i had on i said you are dirty old man he just smiled so the next time put my stockings on to see what he would say that s/day into work same thing hug good night bev off up stairs i go 5 mins later he comes in with coffee and says you will give me heart attack i said why he said coming in with stockings on so lifted my skirt up and have good look he said you will have me going hard i just laughed he then got hold of the bulge in his pants and what i do with that i said what do you normally do with it i get my wife to play with it but she s not here i said next thing gets it out an says you will have to do it what will ur wife say he i will not tell her if u you dont
he then gets my hand an puts it on c*** and start to rub up n down i was shocked but stop him it was fat and the length of my hand after a few mins i was feeling a bit h**** i said what do i get out this he put me on the desk pushed my knickers to one side slid his c*** inside me it took my breathe away he said hows that i just smiled he very good he took his time made me feel good nice an gentle not like the boys i have had needless to say this carried on for 6 months till i left

Mar 14, 2016

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  • Sounds wonderful! Oh the folly and mad pleasure of youth!

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